2002 Promised Land embedded lenticular

Embedded Lenticular Print Krause Studio, Marshfield Hills, MA, 2002 Using the lenticular software, 3D Genius, the tiff files were putinto an animation, cut and reassembled in vertical strips. This interlaced file was printed with the Epson 9500 on Rexam clear film   “Promised Land” 16×24 inches (40 x 60 cm)©Dorothy Simpson Krause 2002  The collaged journal pages […]

2002 Body + Soul dimensional flatbed printing

Printing on a flatbed printer Applied Visual Concepts, Holland, MI. 2002 In June of 2002, Bonny Lhotka and I had an opportunity to print for two days with Larry Loser at Applied Visual Concepts. His 84” flatbed printer was the first of it’s kind in the United States. It prints on virtually any substrate up to […]

2003 Sacred Spaces photograph and painting

Combining painting and photography in a digital print Krause Studio, Marshfield Hills, MA, 2003 Peninsula, from the series “Sacred Spaces”, was created by digitally combining an oil painting on handmade paper with a photograph taken on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland. The painting and photograph were scanned on the 12” x 20” Mictotek 9800XL scanner […]

2004 Passages dimensional flatbed printing

Printing on dimensional materials with uv flat-bed printers from Vutek, Durst and Mimaki The images in the series Reflective Visions and Passages were printed on recycled roofing copper,lead, aluminum, Dibond, Plexiglas, wood and paper using flat-bed printers with varying head clearance. “Amber” was based on a photograph of the Amber Palace in Jaipur, India. It is one of 12 […]

2005 Arms dimensional flatbed printing

Printing on dimensional materials with a uv flat-bed printer from Vutek Arms & Weapons began with scanned pages from a collaged journal made in India in 2004. It was combined with a photograph of an Indian woman to create the digital file on the right. To make a final print reminiscent of the journal, two sheets of handmade […]

the process: Nine books made while a Visiting Artist at the

Nine books made while a Visiting Artist at the American Academy in Rome, December 2005 During the month of December, 2005 I was a Visiting Artist at The American Academy in Rome. My studio was 24′ square with a large skylight and sleeping loft, from which the photo at the left was taken. It was […]

2005 tallman printing on lead

One Step Printing on Lead with New inkAID™ Product In 2005 I was Artist-in-Residence at Harvard University’s Countway Library of Medicine, one of the world’s leading medical history collections. I incorporated photographs of their anatomical specimens, medical artifacts, rare books and manuscripts into my work. The images used to create “TallMan” were based on photographs taken […]

2007 Black Gold von Hess Visiting Artist University of the Arts

Creating “Black Gold” as the von Hess Visiting Artist at the University of the Arts Borowsky Center, Philadelphia In November 2007 Krause was invited to be the von Hess Visiting Artist atThe University of the Arts Borowsky Center, Philadelphia. Using the Heidelberg Offset Lithography press in the center, an edition of 100 prints would be produced […]

2008 Failed Rose perfect binding with PhotoBook Creator

Perfect Binding with PhotoBook Creator Using a thermal binding system that holds single sheets of relatively absorbent paper together at the spine with hot glue, this book was made with a small, inexpensive, desktop thermal binding system by Unibind called PhotoBook Creator. The binder holds the pages upright in a PhotoBook cover while applying heat […]

2009 Losing Ground digital and traditional bookmaking

2009 Losing Ground digital and traditional bookmaking Using digital technology to handcraft an artist book, Losing Ground Images from many series of Krause work, including two using photographs by Viola Käumlen, were collaged in Adobe Photoshop into 12” x 12” double page spreads. The text, selected from the publications of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, was […]