2005 Arms dimensional flatbed printing

Printing on dimensional materials with a uv flat-bed printer from Vutek

Arms & Weapons began with scanned pages from a collaged journal made in India in 2004. It was combined with a photograph of an Indian woman to create the digital file on the right. To make a final print reminiscent of the journal, two sheets of handmade brown Indian bagasse, shipped from India, were adhered to a sheet of Arches Infinity 24” x 32”. The outer edges have heavy deckles, the center is cut and butted as in book pages.

The file was printed on the Vutek PressVu UV 200/600, a flatbed printer which prints on surfaces up to 1.75” thick.

The layered papers are shown going into the back of the Vutek printer and coming out the front. The bagasse tones the image and creates dimensionality.

There are nine similar images in the series, “Jewel” and a page-turning flipbook, another presentation format.