The Guild of Book Workers included my article, written during the pandemic,  Revisiting Travel Journals While Sheltering in Place, in Volume 51 of their Journal. Since 1997 I’ve averaged two journals a year, exploring concepts related to the places I visited, incorporating ephemera gathered along the way and giving my travels an underlying purpose. This 8 page article, written during the pandemic, focuses on 29 of the journals from my ongoing adventures.

My Facebook page contains news on my exhibits and activities. My archives and the 100+ books from “Book + Art” are in the University of Miami Libraries. Others are found in the collections listed in my resume. My books can be purchased from The Kelmscott Bookstore, Vamp and Tramp, 23 Sandy Gallery and Abecedarian and my art from 571 Projects.

I look forward to continuing to share this creative journey.