2003 Sacred Spaces photograph and painting

Combining painting and photography in a digital print Krause Studio, Marshfield Hills, MA, 2003

Peninsula, from the series “Sacred Spaces”, was created by digitally combining an oil painting on handmade paper with a photograph taken on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland. The painting and photograph were scanned on the 12” x 20” Mictotek 9800XL scanner and altered in Adobe Photoshop to create the composite image.

To print the image a custom substrate was created by applying modeling paste to spunbonded polyster, a dimensionally stable fabric used for interfacing in garment construction. The textured surface was coated with metallic pigment and finally with inkAID™, an inkjet receiver. The image was printed on the Encad 880, a flexible media printer which prints on substrates up to .5” thick and 60” wide, using the Wasatch SoftRIP and Dupont Fusion inks. For an added sheen, graphite was rubbed into the dark area at the bottom of the print. The final print, one of a variant edition of 4, is 24” x 24”.