2007 Black Gold von Hess Visiting Artist University of the Arts

Creating "Black Gold" as the von Hess Visiting Artist at the University of the Arts Borowsky Center, Philadelphia

In November 2007 Krause was invited to be the von Hess Visiting Artist at
The University of the Arts Borowsky Center, Philadelphia. Using the Heidelberg Offset Lithography press in the center, an edition of 100 prints would be produced during her visit.

Since the printer could use metallic inks, she decided to make the offset print with silver, gold and black inks and to inset into it a chine colle inkjet print on sheer paper.

Krause began the metallic offset portion of the print by scanning a metal and plaster surface and reshaping it in Photoshop to match the press dimensions. She chose a file to inset from a series of work in process called Climate Change.

The final piece, “Black Gold”, references our dependence on oil and the damage to the environment caused by the burning of fossil fuels.

Before leaving her studio, Krause printed the landscapes to be chine colle insets on her HP Z3100 inkjet printer on sheer tissue. She divided the Photoshop file into three “separations” which would become the silver, gold and black offset plates. At the Borowsky Center, Lori Spencer, the Master Printer, prepared the film and made the offset plates.

The silver plate was printed twice to create a heavy metallic layer. The gold plate was also printed twice, over the silver, to provide additional reflectivity and depth of color. When the black plate was tested, the area which was to be overlayed with the landscape was too dark. Lori was able to remove the dark marks from the chine colle area.

After one strike of the black plate, a mylar template was made to mark the placement of the inset. With the help of Lori, Krause’ studio manager/ assistant, Mary Taylor and University of the Arts graduate students, Andrew Huot (and his wife Beth), Regan Gradet and Melissa Jacobson, the landscapes were adhered with gel medium.

The following day a second strike of the black plate was printed to cover the edges of the silk tissue. A handmade fourth plate was made to add orange to the rivets. A final touch of bright orange oil pastel was applied on top of two of the rivets.

The image size is 24″ x 17.5″ on Arches hotpress 28″ x 20″. In an edition of 100, with 6 artist proofs, prints can be obtained from the artist for $1400 unframed.

Many thanks to the Richard C. von Hess Foundation for funding this unique opportunity; Alida Fish, Harris Fogle and Jeannie Pearce, of the Media Arts Department, for extending the invitation; Lori Spencer, Master Printer Extraordinaire, for pulling it all together; Andrew Huot (and his wife Beth), Regan Gradet and Melissa Jacobson, graduate students for lending much needed helping hands and Mary Taylor, my Studio Manager/ Assistant for providing invaluable ongoing support.

Through the generosity of the Richard C. von Hess Foundation, the Borowsky Center for Publication Arts invites visiting artists to explore the creative potential of the offset medium. The Center facilitates image-making as a synthesis of hand work, photography, and digital imagery. All imaginable combinations of traditional and electronic prepress are the subject of experimentation. Selected artists work with a master printer in the Center to create an original print or an artist book. These artists are recommended from a broad array of disciplines including fine arts, photography, illustration and graphic design.