2002 Promised Land embedded lenticular

Embedded Lenticular Print Krause Studio, Marshfield Hills, MA, 2002

Using the lenticular software, 3D Genius, the tiff files were put
into an animation, cut and reassembled in vertical strips. This interlaced file was printed with the Epson 9500 on Rexam clear film


“Promised Land”

16×24 inches (40 x 60 cm)
©Dorothy Simpson Krause 2002

The collaged journal pages silhouetting the gilded city of Jerusalem against small pieces of gold and silver prayer paper were finished in Israel on September 11, 2001. The following day, the black and white photo of the imploding World Trade Center tower was added. This image became the symbol of the series and was named the same as the journal, Promised Land.

It was carefully aligned behind a 30-line Microlens lens, a sheet of plastic with a series of parallel lens or lenticules embossed into the surface. Silver leaf was added behind. A rectangle the size and position of the lenticular was cut out of a piece of 16” x 24” matte board. The print was glued to the matte board and the printed tower image cut away leaving a hole. The small lenticular was fitted into the space, level with the surface. Silver leaf around the lenticular adds additional reflectivity.
The double-page spread was printed using the Wasatch RIP, on the Epson 9500 on Hahnemuhle Torchon fine art paper. Using a photograph taken by Swiss photographer, Viola Kaumlen, a small lenticular image was made of the towers imploding. The first image shows the towers prior to the impact; the second shows them collapsing and the third shows the clouds of ash. In PhotoShop the three images were aligned and each layer saved as a separate tiff file.
As you move past he image, the collapse is continuously “replayed” until you stop, be still and focus on the part of the image you choose to see. It is that ability to view selectively that enables to go forward in our lives and in our art.