2012 River of Grass

River of Grass

This exhibition is an homage to Marjory Stoneman Douglas, (1947-1997), and her seminal book, “The Everglades: River of Grass”. Forty miles wide and over 100 miles long this slow moving river ranges from a few inches to a few feet in depth. Only half it’s original size, the Everglades has been largely destroyed to meet the demands of urban and agricultural growth. The ongoing battle for restoration of the Everglades is a moral test which hopefully we will pass.
To capture the grandeur of this unique region, I combined photography, painting and printmaking techniques on surfaces as diverse as aluminum and fresco. The resulting images focus on the beauty of this rare ecosystem in its pristine reflectivity and, in the eroded surfaces, it’s fragility.

A related artist book, “River of Grass”, was produced at The Jaffe Center for Book Arts.

Of “River of Grass”, Sophie Bréchu-West, Director of 571 Projects says:

“River of Grass” marks Krause’ return to her deep environmentalist concerns, always close to hand in her work, exploring here the rich landscapes of the Florida Everglades with her unique blend of cutting edge digital processes and traditional art making methods. Krause renders the captivating beauty and shifting light using both organic substrates (linen canvas, wood panel) and inorganic substrates (aluminum panel), with painting and image transfer. From the serenely contemplative Misty River to the somberly brooding Dark, Krause’s landscapes draw the viewer into a world defined by sky, water, luxuriant vegetation and reflections. Where the Hudson River painters of the 1800s saw the sublime in the American wilderness, under threat even then, Krause draws out a powerful, all-encompassing spirituality as she at once captures a fragile beauty and underlines it’s inevitable vulnerability. Suffused with a soft, nuanced palette, works like Silver Sky seem to hearken more to historical documents, a concept that is developed even further in the limited edition portfolio that accompanies the exhibition.