Sacred and Mundane The series, Sacred and Mundane, began with a group of collages which use the discarded bits and pieces of a woman’s life; old letters, journals and photographs, spools of thread, fragments of fabric, a child’s blocks, mirrors, boxes. I combined the humblest of materials, plaster, tar and wax, with high technology tools and media to transform these everyday objects into intimate and powerful collages.

The collages, works of art in their own right, also serve as components in other pieces. They were scanned into the computer where they were combined with photographs of icons from the collection of the Art Complex Museum. Large format digital printers were used to print on canvas and textured surfaces, make monoprints which were transferred to wood or fresco, and lenticular prints which create the illusion of depth and movement. The sixty images in the series range from 12″ x 12″ to 48″ x 48″.

While they have historical references to architectural fragments, icons, altars and reliquaries, they are clearly contemporary reflections on the lives of women, sacred and mundane.