Lenticular prints

Lenticular prints 12″ x 12″, printed on clear film, laminated to 40lpi lenticular lens and placed over reflective or other surfaces. A lenticular print is made by placing an “interlaced” image, (cut and reassembled in vertical strips), behind a sheet of plastic with a series of parallel lens or lenticules embossed into one surface. When […]

Emulsion transfers

Emulsion transfers 30″ x 22″ image on 36″ x 28″ Stone Paper using Digital Art Studios Seminars transfer film and SuperSauce. Edition of 6. Select the following links to see lenticular images and monoprints in this series. Observatory Window FarAway Tomb Reflection Golden Passage Alleyway


Monoprints 24″ x 24″ transfers to a variety of substrates including fresco, brushed aluminum, non-woven fabric and silver leaf. Select the following llinks to see lenticular images and emulsion transfers in this series. Holy And Enchanted Caverns Measureless Savage place Sunless sea Pleasure dome Down the green hill Beneath a waning moon Sinuous rills Palace Walk Observatory

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