1996 Transcending Reality

angel on my shoulder protector star in the east centaur golden apple dove rosetta stone messages talisman dragon lady spring sibyl s fear Transcending Reality: Wishes, Lies and Dreams Drawn from myths, legends and fairy tales, this work is related to the images which became a part of The Millennium Tarot. The work of photographer Jan […]

1997 Ennobling the Ordinary

flowerchild kneeling at the gate helmet of flowers madonna of san miguel birth tree of life lady of the flowers marketplace child of the universe cinderella against the wall looking back Ennobling the Ordinary: Women of the World Krause has built up her surfaces to new levels of texture and density. While this aesthetic choice […]

1998 Vietnam Journal

planting a future a scrap of cloth incense to burn snakes and bones yellow star behind bars dogtag bananas for breakfast inside looking out chinatown burdens of body and soul plan of the palace painting a dream standard beare round in circles child of ho Vietnam Journal In August of 1997 I spent three weeks […]

1999 timeXposure

primordial fear avebury luna hide and seek dna timeXposure: explorations in time, space and movement As I began this body of work, I had an opportunity to photograph the early megalithic sites of Stonehenge and Avebury and consider how they were used for political, religious and social ceremony. Although originally a distillation of content comprehensive […]

1999 heARTland

in his own acre independence day shadows on the back wall long lost roads joanna s will preacherman autumn pillar of the church making hay guardian ursula signs of wanderlust heARTland: Macomber House My home during this last quarter of the 20th century has been New England, in what was a part of the original […]

2000 Goin Home

bones ship of fools old and new worlds bits and pieces double cross liberty focus marking time three kings Using stockmarket quotes, want-ads, gauze and brown paper bags, the series “Goin Home” considers the ephemeral quality of life and the time and space we occupy between birth and death. Creating an illusion of depth and […]

2000 Journey of the Spirit

jokhara bellringer letter from tibet wisewoman flint turn a blind eye Journey of the Spirit: Tibet In the fall of 1998 I spent two weeks in Tibet. I bought a large book of handmade paper in Nepal to record my impressions and make collages from materials gathered along the way. I also took hundreds of […]

2001 Sacred and Mundane

scar homefires indebted crossed generations stele patriarch book of ruth hollow cross hero boxed in shield happy home fields ledger wound sepulchre off center unhinged home altar wheel plaque tension screwed Sacred and Mundane The series, Sacred and Mundane, began with a group of collages which use the discarded bits and pieces of a woman’s life; […]

2001 Cuba-HistoryRewritten

letter to fidel fighting globalization from the mountains proceso much to answer for el cobre nostalgia legacy of shame che film hanging christ cross rice hombres pray for us all sweet cane reglea isla burden force bandera conspiraciones goddesses pattern cuba/ history rewritten In February 2001 I spent three weeks in Cuba traveling from one […]

2002 Promised Land

byzantium jerusalem promised land attack dead sea bloody hand pilgrims city on the hil altar page from the book ruins byzantine madonna sacrifice ptolomey s world loaves fishes jordan window sea of gallalee eden Promised Land On September 11 I was in the Middle East on my continuing quest to understand why, in the name […]