During the Permian geologic period, which spanned 47 million years, 90% of the planet’s species were lost in the largest mass extinction in Earth’s history. The cause may have been an enormous asteroid, massive volcanic eruptions or the release of methane reservoirs in the ocean. Whatever event contributed to the world evolving from icehouse to […]


In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, in March I began “Siege”, which evolved with the ongoing conflict. A Russian hat, covered with metals, is paired with images of the conflict in two collaged books, each 5.5” x 7” with eight pages. They are housed in a container of Arches cover black, 14.25” x 5.75” x 1”.Sadly, the aggression continues …


Harbingers of dramatic decline, wild pollinators, butterflies and bees, are becoming extinct. Loss of habitat, disease and pesticides take their toll. Plant milkweed and native plants, reverse this loss, while we still can. This small book of Yo Kou handmade paper with collaged images, laments their fate. The concertina binding, has 22 pages attached at the foredge, flutter style — 8” x 5.5” closed, 8” x 121” open. It has a paper over board cover and is housed in a sleeve of vintage fabric with brass butterfly and bee attached.

Carte Postale

From a street vendor in Paris I bought a selection of naughty postcards then walked across the Seine to Sennelier to buy paper for a concertina book. I cut figures from the cards but didn’t complete the book until I returned to my studio, downloaded images of vintage cards and collaged them together with strategically placed bits of lace. The finished book is 5.5” x 5.5” closed, 5.5” x 44” open, with 8 pages.

City of Light

Drum leaf binding into 1928 Blue Guide cover with added faux bone, metal and metallic embossed cover. Collaged on Rives BFK with 7 pull out maps. 36 pages, 6.25” x 4.25”