“Anne with an e”, a retelling of L. M. Montgomery’s “Anne of Green Gables”, was begun in Charlottetown, PEI, home of the fictional Anne. To make the journal as I travel, I bought a used copy of the 2018 100th anniversary edition and removed the covers, spine and the eight illustrations. I tore some eco printed papers to size and added a strip of ochre leather that became the spine. Along the way I cut out the black and white illustrations, painted them with watercolor and placed them on the eco printed pages. I added artifacts that I found at Green Gables, , and bound the pages into the spine and covers. When I returned to the studio I used the original spine on a slipcase I made from backboard and a piece of rust colored bookcloth. The book has twenty 5″ x 8″ eco-printed pages with transferred text reading: Anne, an orphan, comes to Green Gables to help siblings Matthew and Marilla. All is not idyllic for the quick-tempered red headed Anne. She hits classmate, Gilbert, with a slate for calling her “Carrots”. Among her many misadventures, Anne takes a dare and falls off a roof. And, trying to dye her hated red hair black, Anne accidentally dyes it green. When Matthew dies, Anne gives up her college scholarship to help Marilla. Gilbert and Anne become more than friends and eventually live happily ever after.