2000 Flint custom substrate

Custom Substrate Krause Studio, Marshfield Hills, MA. 2000

In the fall of 1998 I spent two weeks in Tibet. I bought a large book of handmade paper in Nepal to record my impressions and make collages from materials gathered along the way. I also took hundreds of photographs. 


I spent all of 1999 trying unsuccessfully to sort through the emotional impact and to capture the spirit of Tibet. It was only when I tore the pages from the journal, obliterated the writing and rubbed out much of what had been done that the work began to reflect the experience. Many layers of encaustic and oils gave the effect of yak butter and smoke; a deep glow beneath decay and destruction.


When the collages were complete, they were scanned and combined with the photographs in Photoshop.
To give the same kind of texture to the final print, I spread a skim coat of Golden Molding Paste onto a piece of dimensionally stable spunbonded polyster. When it dried, I painted the surface with a coat of gel medium mixed with pearlescent powdered pigment. The final twp coatings were of rabbit-skin glue to provide a receiver for the inks. To insure that the print heads wouldn’t hit on the surface, I put the substrate through the CODA laminator under pressure. The final print was made on the Roland Hi-Fi JET printer with their pigmented YMCLmLc ink set.