1999 Preacherman emulsion transfer

Emulsion Transfer Process Krause Studio, Marshfield Hills, MA., 1999 "Preacherman"

35×28 inches (89 x 71 cm)
©Dorothy Simpson Krause 1999

The image was composed from three scanned objects, a daguerreotype which indicated on the back that the man pictured was a preacher, a map and a portion of the face of a 19th century clock.

The scans were opened in Adobe Photoshop. In this screen shot the compiled final image and all of the layers that were composited to create it are visible.


The image was printed onto paper using the 50″ Roland Hi-Fi Jet printer. A duplicate of the first image was printed onto a heavy-weight silver paper.The print on paper was coated with white glue. The surface of the silver print, including most of the silver and the ink-jet receiver coating, was pulled from the fiberous part of the paper to create a transparent/ translucent “emulsion” layer. The emulsion layer was aligned with the paper image and burnished down.

“Preacherman” is based on the poem “Deacon Thomas” from the book Macomber House by Ray Amorosi. See other images in the heARTland series.