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In the winter of 2004 I spent three weeks in India - Bombay, Jaipur, Agra, Delhi, Chennai and Goa. I kept a visual journal, "India" which incorporated ephemera collected during my travels.

On my return I scanned the pages and combined them with photographs I had taken along the way. Handmade brown Indian bagasse with heavily deckled edges had been shipped from Jaipur. It was cut to simulate the two pages of a book and adhered to 24" x 32" Arches paper. The final images were printed on this chine colle paper with the Vutek PressVu UV 200/600 flatbed printer. Gold and silver leaf, colored pencil and collage were added to the prints. Additional information on the process is available.

A page-turning "flip book" presentation is another iteration of the art-making process.

Also related to this trip are two other series of work, Passages and Reflective Visions, and the books Guardians, many truths and law and custom.

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