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heARTland: Macomber House

My home during this last quarter of the 20th century has been New England, in what was a part of the original Plymouth colony, on an island surrounded by marsh. The work is this series has been inspired by a collection of poems focusing on the area and one of the early settlers. Ray Amorosi, whose home was built by one of the original colonists, wrote "Macomber House" to commemorate the family and the land. Collaborating with Ray and photographer Viola Kaumlen, I have combined his words and her photographs with photographs, maps and pages from journals and ship logs gathered from friends, family and flea markets.

This series of one-of-a-kind 35" x 28" pieces has been printed using a wide range of printers and processes best described as "mixed media" or "digital collage". Traditional media including pastels, oil paints, gold leaf and metallic pigments are also used. My colors are taken from the fields, marshes and creeks. My surfaces replicate worn leather covers, faded torn paper, distressed metal frames and plaster walls. Although produced with the most current high technology equipment, the work has an attachment to the past in both time and place.

I have often described my work as celebrating the dignity of the individual and the strength of the spirit. In the "Macomber House" series this is especially true. The determination and persistence of the pilgrims, puritans and pioneers created a great nation, a land with unlimited opportunity. These are the people and the land I cherish and celebrate.

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