2006 Palimpsest Flipbook

“Palimpsest” is most commonly defined as a parchment or paper on which partially erased text is still visible, however, it may also refer to an object, place, or area that reflects its history.

This book form combines time-based images and text. Unlike my earlier “page turning” books, which were based on physical objects, (India and 9/11+5), Palimpsest only exists as a virtual book.

Of this book Judith Hoffberg said:
“You have now extended the definition of book to cyberspace with a vengeance! It is a delicious experience and I want to thank you for your beautiful effort. It works, it is dreamlike and real at the same time, and far from being virtual, it is quite real.”

Judith A. Hoffberg, Editor

Additional books may be seen in the book arts section of this website .

Mary Taylor discovered the leaves, scanned them and shared her scans. For this, and her many other generosities, I am eternally grateful.